Project-Based Learning Centre of Excellence

Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning is a student-centered pedagogy that involves a dynamic classroom approach in which it is believed that students acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems.

Dr. Vikas Vithal Shinde​

Dr. Vikas Shinde

Director, PBLCOE Vishwaniketan

Why PBL?

In the Project based learning, curriculum development process is based on the current problems. Thus, students receive latest and authentic knowledge required to solve the problem. Students in PBL environment learn problem solving and design skills during the process the process of problem solving. Thus,it promotes novel technology and product development which is essentially need for strengthening start up India & the make in India.

Project-Based Learning Workshops & Industrial Labs

Mechatol Engineering Solutions, Pune

Mechatol Engineering Solutions, Pune

Adifico Robotics Pvt. Ltd. Delhi

Wireless Robotics Humanoid Development

Content Development Lab


Mechatol Engineering Solutions, Pune

E-Yantra Robotic Training

Business Modelling Lab

Aarhus University, Denmark

Electrical Vehicle Lab

Electrical Vehicle Development

Baba Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. Jaipur Automobile engineering

Basic and Advanced Automobile Training Automotive Electronics Intelligent Automobiles and Systems

Visitor Center

Khalapur-Toll Naka of Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Mumbai Metropolitan Region