capacity development program

About Capacity Development Program

It is important to note that PBL practice has origins in Europe, whose culture is different than the Indian culture. Also, PBL is not rooted in the Indian Education system. Surprisingly none of the universities is practicing PBL to its fullest possible extent. This may be because institutes don’t have human resources which can practice PBL effectively. Also, there is a lack of understanding in PBL philosophy; for example, most educators think doing projects in PBL; in fact, it is not. Thus, there is a need for Training Educators on PBL philosophy and practice. Such training will create awareness among staff about PBL practice. Once the staff is trained on PBL philosophy they can develop different PBL models suitable for their Institute based on its educational culture.

Thus, PBL philosophy will remain the same however practice is customized to suit the local culture. After models being developed, it’s necessary to implement PBL in the institute, this is a PBL practice, and teachers who implement are a PBL practitioner. During and after implementation it is essential to see the impact of PBL on students learning and skills, thus research on the impact of PBL is initiated. We call this PBL research and the teacher who conducts is a PBL researcher. Thus, research allows reflecting on what worked and what did not. Also, the PBL models and practices get refined every cycle.

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